Roofing Services


A minor roof problem if left unattended, can damage the roof so much that it needs to be completely replaced. If you need roofing repairs contact Ramirez Roofing. We can help you avoid serious damage that may happen down the road. Wether it's storm, hail, or tree damage we can repair your roof. Roof types we repair include asphalt, metal, slate, tile, and flat roofing.


Ramirez Roofing also offers re-roofing services. A re-roof includes installing a second layer of shingle over a pre-existing later. Re-roofing services cover repairs, restoration and retrofitting or recovering. Re-roofing can be done a limited number of times as town code previsions allow, usually two layers. The reason for that is to prevent gaps that let in moisture and debris when several layers are stacked, especially if one layer is not compatible with another layer. Ramirez Roofing will determine if your roof is a good candidate for re-roofing or if a complete roof replacement is necessary. We always adhere to the most cost effective procedure necessary to ensure your roof is repaired correctly and lasts a long time.


Unlike re-roofing, tear offs involve stripping off all existing layers of shingles down to the roof deck. As needed, Ramirez Roofing tear off jobs include installing new ice and water shields and fresh felt paper. After the tear off is complete, the replacement of the roof begins where we lay new shingles and seal them with waterproof materials. Each job is different, so Ramirez Roofing will outline the specifics of your project and give you an estimate.


Flashing is a waterproof layer the helps keep water out of buildings. Flashing should be installed along roof lines, at the top of walls, and in any place where water can get through. If flashing is not installed water can penetrate exterior walls and into the home. Materials used in flashing include aluminum, Bitumen,copper, and EPDM.


If your gutter are damaged they can cause problems for the walls, basement, and foundation of your home. If your gutters are filled with leaves, branches, or other debris, water builds up and overflows. At Ramirez Roofing we can install a new gutter system for your roof. Gutters are available in materials such as pre-painted steel, aluminum, and copper.


Whether you are looking to remodel your home's exterior or replace old siding, Ramirez Roofing can help. We are experienced at working with all types and styles of siding. Your home can be refinished in a variety of materials such as vinyl, shingle, stone, and brick.

Chimney Flashing

It is important to make sure you chimney is weather tight with proper flashing. Chimney flashing is a sheet of metal that seals out water at the areas where the chimney passes through the roof. Ramirez Roofing can expertly install flashing to keep water out of your home for years to come.

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